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At Natural Wellness Care we will help you discover your stressors or imbalances and assist you in reclaiming a life of wellness and vitality.

Stress is epidemic in the United States today and its affects are felt every day by nearly everyone. Stress crosses all ethnic lines, does not discriminate by age or gender, and has no religious preference.

A study that was released in 2005 by the American Psychological Association presented some very startling statistics on the health implications of unmanaged stress. It found that the six leading causes of death accidents, suicide, lung ailments, heart disease, cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver could all be linked to stress.

A number of common health problems, such as immune response and deficiency, memory loss, obesity, depression, and anxiety have also been associated with stress. Chronic stress makes you more vulnerable to minor ailments and disease. In fact, stress-related issues are responsible for a full two-thirds of visits to the family doctor.

“Your body is an amazing creation, capable of performing great wonders, but you can destroy that miraculous machine's potential with an overdose of stress.” - Harry J. Johnson


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